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MAR 10 2023 10.00-11.30

Kickstart AI in Education via Zoom

Registration is now open!

Join the front-line practitioners and educators to unleash AI in teaching and learning.



Building a Collaborative Community for
Enhancing Artificial Intelligence Applications in Higher Education

Why AI in Education

Despite the promising potential, there remain substantial barriers preventing the broader use of AI in higher education, such as high upfront financial investment, the challenges of collaboration between educators and software developers, and ethical and social concerns.

The project, leading by the Chinese University of Hong Kong with 5 other Hong Kong universities, proposes a collaborative community consisting of educators and technical experts who are experienced and interested in turning ideas into practical tools to lower the entry barriers for future development and application of AI tools in teaching and learning in higher education.

What AI in Education

Profiling and Prediction

The potential of AI in the future of higher education is enormous. AI in Education is the central hub to aggregate and showcase the best practices to address teaching and learning needs in higher education.

We aim to empower educators with tools and resources to unleash the full potential of AI in teaching and learning.

Assessment and Evaluation

Adaptive Systems and Personalization

Intelligent Tutoring System

Our Partners

AI in Education is an inter-institutional collaborative platform

to share AI applications and experiences

so as to multiply the impact across institutions for users with similar needs.

We wouldn't be here without passionate educators to share

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