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GAIN 2023 - Bridging Generative AI and Academia

Generative AI Insights

Registration Form

08 JUNE 2023 / 0930 - 1800 (UTC+8) / CYT LT1A CUHK + Zoom

Personal Data Collection Statement

The personal data collected will be used by the authorized personnel and organizer for the purposes of processing registration only.  All personal data you provided WILL NOT be disclosed to any third parties except with your prior consent.

Are you staff of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)?

Morning Session (0930 - 1245) (UTC+8)

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I will attend the MORNING SESSION in the following format:

1000 - 1040


The Evolution and Future of Generative AI in Education

Prof Irwin King (CUHK)

1040 - 1120

Remote Keynote

Rethinking Education in the Age of Generative AI

Dr Edwin Creely

 (Monash University)

1135 - 1250

Panel Discussion

Generative AI in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment


Prof Paul Lam (CUHK)


Prof Thomas Chiu (CUHK)

Dr Andy Chun (CityU)

Prof Eric Friginal (PolyU)

Prof Stuart Hargreaves (CUHK)

Prof Xinzhi Zhang (HKBU)

Afternoon Session (1410 - 1800) (UTC+8)

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I will attend the AFTERNOON SESSION in the following format:

1425 - 1505


Assessment and Feedback Re-Designs for The Generative AI Era

Prof David Carless (HKU)

1505 - 1620

Panel Discussion

Generative AI, Ethics, and the Law


Prof Vivian Lee (CUHK)


Prof Samuel Chu (HKU)

Prof Ivan Ho (PolyU)

Prof Robin Huang (CUHK)

Prof Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (HKBU)

Prof Keng-Leng Siau (CityU)

1635 - 1750

Panel Discussion

Generative AI in Education: The Student Views


Dr Christopher See (CUHK)

Student Speakers

Mr Vishal Ginni (HKBU)

Mr Aarav Patkar (HKUST)

Mr Adrianus Viary (CityU)

Mr Yuxuan Zhang (CityU)

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