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Generative AI Insights 2024

The Well-Received Hybrid Generative AI Conference 
is Returning on JAN 10, 2024, Wed, from 0930 to 1730 (HKT)

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Get ready to ignite your AI curiosity at GAIN 2024 - our second hybrid  Generative AI Conference!

As we evolve alongside AI, this year's conference promises to be a thrilling exploration of AI's practical application in the real world. Dive into a sea of real-world use cases, explore the transformative power of AI in classrooms, and get a glimpse of the future of education. GAIN 2024 is where theory meets practice, and innovation meets inspiration. Stay tuned for this exciting journey of discovery and growth!

30 NOV 2023 / 12.30 - 13.45 / Online via Zoom

How Well Can AI Assist Us in Coding and Grading Tasks?

Explore the transformative potential of generative AI in education at our engaging seminar. Join leading experts as they share insights on large language models, grading assessments, and feedback generation. Delve into the background, techniques, and development of large language models, revolutionising natural language processing and information retrieval. Experience cutting-edge experiments that leverage generative AI to enhance grading, ensuring efficiency and accuracy while maintaining assessment integrity. Uncover the promises and challenges of customising ChatGPT for automating grading and feedback generation, supporting university language teachers. This thought-provoking session offers an opportunity to engage with experts, explore the profound implications of generative AI in education, and envision the future of teaching and learning.

[This seminar does not provide participants with an attendance certificate or acknowledgement letter.]

[With the speakers' consent, we will share their PowerPoint slides and the recording after the event.]

AI in Education biweekly #16 has arrived


Welcome to our latest #16 newsletter, spotlighting AI's role in education and tech. Join our Online Seminar on AI in grading tasks and the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2023. Catch up on OpenAI news, including Sam Altman's return as CEO and the unveiling of GPT-4 Turbo. Read insightful articles on the importance of writing and data literacy in the AI era, AI's impact on teaching, and generative AI's research applications. Discover Amazon's free AI training initiative 'AI Ready' and a playbook on AI for college completion.


Building a Collaborative Community for
Enhancing Artificial Intelligence Applications in Higher Education

Why AI in Education

Despite the promising potential, challenges such as high upfront investment, difficulties in collaboration between educators and developers, and ethical considerations discourage the broader use of AI in higher education.

Led by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and five other partnering higher education institutions in Hong Kong, this project proposes a collaborative community of seasoned educators and technical experts to provide practitioners with the necessary support and resources to leverage AI tools for innovative pedagogies. 

What AI in Education

Profiling and Prediction

The potential of AI in the future of higher education is enormous. "AI in Higher Education" is the central hub to aggregate and showcase the best AI practices to address diverse teaching and learning needs in higher education.

We aim to empower educators with materials and resources to unleash the full potential of AI in teaching, learning and assessment practices.

Assessment and Evaluation

Adaptive Systems and Personalisation

Intelligent Tutoring System

Our Partners

"AI in Higher Education" is an interdisciplinary and cross-university collaborative platform

to share insights and expertise

to multiply AI's impacts across higher education institutions in Hong Kong.

We wouldn't be here without passionate educators to share


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