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Forthcoming Event
o5 July 2024 (Fri)丨15.00 - 16.15 (HKT)丨Online via Zoom

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Authentic Assessment in the Age of AI

In mid-May, we hosted an "AI and Assessment Design" seminar, during which Professor DAWSON Phillip provided us with the principles and propositions for assessment design in the age of generative AI. Moving forward, we aspire to explore an alternative to traditional assessment to emphasise human capacities and mitigate the risks of AI-generated content. Authentic assessment holds a promising prospect.


Authentic assessment acknowledges the authentic skills, practices, and tools that students will need in their future professions. While authentic assessment is not a new idea, we need to rethink it in the digital world, particularly in the age of AI. Nowadays, students use and live with digital technology: AI is a part of our everyday life in higher education. How could we design authentic assessment tasks in the digital world?

AI in Education biweekly #22 has arrived

Welcome to our latest #22 newsletter. This month, we're excited to highlight an upcoming online event on integrating Generative AI in education, featuring speakers from all eight UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong. Additionally, we bring you the latest news, insightful articles, and cutting-edge tools shaping the future of AI in education. Dive in to explore how AI is revolutionizing learning, teaching, and assessment worldwide.


Building a Collaborative Community for
Enhancing Artificial Intelligence Applications in Higher Education

Why AI in Education

Despite the promising potential, challenges such as high upfront investment, difficulties in collaboration between educators and developers, and ethical considerations discourage the broader use of AI in higher education.

Led by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and five other partnering higher education institutions in Hong Kong, this project proposes a collaborative community of seasoned educators and technical experts to provide practitioners with the necessary support and resources to leverage AI tools for innovative pedagogies. 

What AI in Education

Profiling and Prediction

The potential of AI in the future of higher education is enormous. "AI in Higher Education" is the central hub to aggregate and showcase the best AI practices to address diverse teaching and learning needs in higher education.

We aim to empower educators with materials and resources to unleash the full potential of AI in teaching, learning and assessment practices.

Assessment and Evaluation

Adaptive Systems and Personalisation

Intelligent Tutoring System

Our Partners

"AI in Higher Education" is an interdisciplinary and cross-university collaborative platform

to share insights and expertise

to multiply AI's impacts across higher education institutions in Hong Kong.

We wouldn't be here without passionate educators to share


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